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Social Responsibility

The Cappagh Group is a responsible business that seeks to ensure that our activities do not have a detrimental effect on the environment, that we treat all the people with whom we interact with courtesy, respect and fairness and that we continually demonstrate social understanding and positive community relations.


Cappagh is committed to protecting the environment, enhancing it where practicable and minimising the effect our activities have on the environment wherever possible. We operate an externally certified ISO14001 environment management system, including a sustainability policy, which we continually update to reflect new environmental legislation and best practice.

We are an established waste management and recycling contractor and as a result we are able to recycle 95% of the waste we produce. This also means that we minimise the amount of raw material we consume. Where we can, we use renewable energy sources, seek to minimise emissions and maximise the use of materials from renewable sources.

We provide our personnel with environmental training and require our supply chain partners to demonstrate that they are able to comply with the requirements of our environmental policy and procedures.


Cappagh is a direct labour employer and the majority of our workforce is from the local community. We have a committed, long serving group of employees and are well established in the South London area. We hold a fun day for employees once a year, participate in the St Patricks Day parade in central London, take part in the London to Brighton bike ride and organise other social activities for our staff such as ten pin bowling.

We are an equal opportunities employer and our workforce is made up of a diverse cross-section of the community including a high proportion of ethnic minorities as well as disabled and part time workers.

We provide a significant amount of training for our employees, the majority of which is delivered at our own training facility in Wimbledon. We have a number of our own staff who are trained to deliver a varied mix of training including manual handling, water hygiene, safety passport, IoSH supervising and managing safely, affective supervision and behavioural safety training.

We always seek to sponsor any of our employees that are involved in some form of charitable effort as well as our own support of charitable causes (see below).


We operate an externally certified OHSAS18001 safety management system and are committed to ensuring that our personnel return home safely every day. We also hold a number of other accreditations including CHAS, Constructionline, Achilles UVDB Verify and PICS.

In recent years we have increased the emphasis we place on safety performance and the senior managers are committed to driving a positive health and safety culture through all levels of the business. We regularly undertake directors health and safety audits / tours, have produced our own behavioural safety training programme, hold weekly standdowns, introduced hazard spotting cards, hold a fortnightly supervisors safety meeting, undertake significant training (as described above) and implemented occupational health screening.

In 2012, we introduced the ‘Side Scan System’ to our fleet of lorries, which is a safety device to alert a driver to any movement down the nearside of his vehicle. We have also fitted cameras to our lorries for the driver to observe what is actually moving when the alarm goes off. This camera is set off automatically when the sensors pick up movement, or when the driver activates his left-hand / nearside indicator. All of our lorries have also been fitted with nearside protection bars between the second and third axles to prevent cyclists been caught up if they are unfortunate enough to become involved with a lorry.


We are sponsors of the Fulham Irish GAA ladies football team ( The Fulham Irish GAA Club is well established in London and represents the City successfully at both UK and International level. The Club was established in January 2006 and is the only GAA club servicing the Fulham, Clapham, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Putney and Wandsworth areas. The Club has experienced a high level of success since its inception with 2011 being the stellar year, with a haul of eight trophies across men’s football and hurling and the ladies football team.

We have also participated in the following activities to support the local community:-

  • Sponsorship of CRASH, the construction and property industries’ charity for homeless people
  • The Nightingale Walk, an annual charity walk from Walton-on-Thames to the Putney Embankment which supports are wide variety of charities
  • The Wandle Trust, an environmental charity dedicated to restoring and maintaining the health of the River Wandle and its catchment
  • The London to Brighton Bike Ride, the largest charity bike ride in Europe

Cappagh also sponsor a number of local sports teams and are always looking for opportunities to support a good cause.