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Our People

Our people are the frontline of our business and we rely on them to represent our culture and values day in and day out. That's why we only employ the very best people in the industry or those with the potential that we can develop and we do all that we can to keep them. People at Cappagh are passionate about our business. They represent the diverse and multi-cultural society that is London today and are from all age groups. They all have a common understanding of what makes us successful and stand out; a “can-do” attitude, team-work, flexibility, reliability, innovation and delivering what we say we will. Our people are motivated because we provide the right framework in which they can feel supported and excel:

  • We invest in the professional development of our people
  • We are committed in training and updating the skills of our people so they feel they have the right tools to do the job
  • We believe in an inclusive working environment
  • We involve our people in shaping our business
  • We encourage our people to stretch themselves and reward them well

Our clients can be confident that we have the ability, right approach and ambition, all harnessed from our resources. If you think you would like to be a part of Cappagh and help us to grow, you can upload your CV here.


Selected Case Study

As a result of the markets in which we operate and the commitment of the owners of the business to ensure our personnel are properly trained, Cappagh undertake a significant amount of training across the Company to ensure that our personnel are competent for the tasks they are assigned.

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