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Case study: Swindon Town Football Club


Cappagh, through their joint venture Cappagh Browne, are the civils partner
to the Lanes Group who undertake the Wastewater Network Services
(WNS) contract for Thames Water Utilities in their Thames Valley and North
London areas.


Client: Lanes Group (for Thames Water Utilities)

Start Date: 31st March 2014

Finish Date: 16th May 2014

Value: £58K

Location: The County Ground, Swindon



The civils element of the WNS contract involves wastewater repairs and
maintenance work such as the repair and replacement of broken manhole
covers, repairing collapsed sewers and burst rising mains and carrying out
various elements of ancillary maintenance.
Following the deterioration and then failure of a foul sewer located some
3 metres under the surface of the pedestrian and vehicle access way that
circumnavigates Swindon Town Football Club’s County Ground in the centre
of Swindon, Cappagh was engaged to carry out the critical repair of the
225mm diameter foul sewer.

swindon town fcsmall


The initial scope of the works was to affect a local ‘spot’ repair. However,
once the sewer pipe was exposed at a depth of 3 metres, it was found to
be totally unserviceable and in fact required a much larger programme of
works. Cappagh re-laid 50 metres of sewer to complete the job and restore
the service.
swindon town fc3sml


Cappagh used an open-cut technique to replace the pipework, supporting
the excavation with trench boxes. Cappagh’s own plant, including a 13 Tonne
excavator. was deployed to the job.
The location of the works was both high profile and challenging. Working
closely with the Football Club, Cappagh provided resources at specific
times and dates, to avoid days when the football team were playing home
games. A good relationship was established with the Club, where constant
communication meant the project was delivered quickly, safely and to the
client’s satisfaction.


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