Corporate Social Responsibility

Cappagh is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate social responsibility and our business practices and policies reflect this by empowering our people, strengthening communities, and protecting the environment.

  • Empowering Employees
  • Protecting the environment
  • Strengthening Communities
  • To meet these commitments, Cappagh:

Empowering Employees

  • Respect the rights and dignity of every employee and treat them fairly and without discrimination.
  • Encourage team working and the sharing of knowledge throughout the organisation.
  • Recognise employees’ individual and team contribution and reward them appropriately.
  • Ensure that there are opportunities for training and professional development and focus on physical and emotional welfare.
  • Forbid, eliminate and not be complicit in the use of human slavery and forced or child labour.

Protecting the environment

  • Constantly seek to reduce the risk of global impacts such as climate change.
  • Target zero waste to landfill by improving recycling and waste management.
  • Innovate to introduce sustainable products and methods of working.
  • Challenge how our works impact on the environment and local wildlife.

Strengthening Communities

  • Be responsive to the needs of the communities we work in.
  • Ensure that we reduce disruption wherever possible.
  • Increase positive impacts on communities through sponsorship, charitable donations and volunteering.

To meet these commitments, Cappagh:

  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other employment standards.
  • Develop and sustain good working relationships with all our stakeholders.
  • Ensure that our activities make a positive contribution to our customers, clients, communities and the environment.
  • Provide a quality service at a competitive price to clients.

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