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Land Remediation

Traditionally, land remediation has been seen as a process whereby materials that are potentially hazardous are removed from the land.  Cappagh’s experience does include this type of land remediation, but we also specialise in large scale land reclamation using inert materials to landscape large, former industrial areas, turning them into wildlife havens.

We can remediate land and reclaim it for new uses by excavation of the soil containing the contaminant, which is then safely and effectively disposed in designated hazardous material landfill sites.  Cappagh is also experienced at demolishing buildings that have fallen into disuse or disrepair and successfully returning the land to our clients for new uses.  We also undertake projects to clear sites of fly-tipped waste, redundant equipment and machinery, such as the “Site Shine” project undertaken for Thames Water Utilities Limited (more of which can be read in Case Studies).

We have the capability and in-house personnel and plant to deliver large scale projects or those of a more bespoke nature, for private clients.  

Our considerable knowledge of recycling and re-using waste construction materials means that we can offer a highly environmentally friendly solution to our clients.  This is further enhanced with the segregation of other recyclables such as plastic, wood and metal.

The services that Cappagh can provide include general site clearance and demolition, vegetation clearance including invasive species, land re-profiling, wetland creation and bulk earthworks.

Selected Case Study

Client: Thames Water

Start Date: July 2004

Finish Date: June 2010

Duration: 5 years (plus 1 year extension granted)

Value: £8m per annum

Location: South London

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