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As an established waste management company, Cappagh are particularly interested in ensuring that the detrimental effect that we have on the environment is minimised.

The Company's environmental performance is reviewed quarterly at board level, with a formal review on an annual basis, to ensure the aims and objectives of our environmental management policy are being achieved.

Our environmental management system (EMS) is externally accredited to ISO14001 and UVDB Verify (Achilles).

We currently recycle all of our own construction and demolition waste and achieve a recycled rate in excess of 90%. Very little material is sent to landfill. We re-use the recycled aggregates we produce in our own contract work and also market this to third parties.

We have clear procedures, as part of our EMS, for disposing of waste. Excavated material is screened and used as the fine material in our recycled Type 1 aggregate product or may be used as a topsoil replacement.

If a small element of inert material cannot be used as a recycled product, then we dispose of this at our inert landfill space at Easy Molesey. Here we are using inert material to infill former reservoirs and create a wetland wildlife habitat.

With regard to carbon footprint, all of our vehicles meet the Euro 5 emissions standard and we are already planning ahead for the forthcoming introduction of the Euro 6 compliant engines. We have always invested heavily in updating our fleet and we work very closely with various vehicle manufacturers to make sure our fleet is as efficient as possible.

We directly employ our own mechanics and fitters at our purpose-built facility in Wimbledon which is managed by a full time dedicated Transport Manager. All vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained in-house using a planned maintenance schedule.

Our centralised Transport Office uses vehicle trackers to identify the locations of company vehicles. This system is used to direct the nearest appropriate vehicle to the job required, thus minimising road mileage and emissions.

We also educate our people, encouraging them to behave in a responsible way via our environmental toolbox talks. These include tips such as not letting engines idle for lengthy periods when on site, thus reducing emissions.

We always endeavour to recruit locally, which not only means that we are supporting our local south London community, but means that vehicles are not travelling large distances to get to and from work. This reduces fuel consumed and emissions released.

In 2009, we undertook a project in partnership with Reading University's Engineering Faculty to assess our carbon footprint and identify an appropriate carbon reduction strategy to 2015.

Our commitment to responsible environmental management was recognised when we won the Sustainable Waste Action Group (SWAG) award. Thames Water teamed up with WRAP (the governments Waste and Resources Action Programme) to create the award, with the aim of promoting a more sustainable approach to waste among contractors.

The judging panel stated that "Cappagh demonstrated a complete company ethic with regard to recycling its waste that reinforces Thames Water's culture for the 21st century".

WRAP Chief Executive Jenny Price stated, "WRAP is delighted to present the award to a contracting organisation committed to minimising the environmental impact by boosting recycling and minimising waste. The competition was tough, with all finalists demonstrating progress in this area, but Cappagh's commitment to recycling and re-use throughout all its activities makes it a worthy winner".

Selected Case Study

Client: Thames Water Utilities

Start Date: June 2010

Finish Date: March 2015

Duration: 5 years plus an option to extend for a further year

Value: 14m per annum

Location: North London

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