IFA 2 (Interconnexion France- Angleterre 2)

IFA 2 (Interconnexion France- Angleterre 2) IFA 2 (Interconnexion France- Angleterre 2)

Description of works

This Earthwork package had to be completed in limited time with quick mobilisation and involved the excavation of Type 1 from the site compound & storage area which had to be transport to a different site. At the same time approximately 10,000m3 of subsoil had to be excavated and placed in the void left by the Type 1 removal and levelled & compacted to the designed levels. 

While the above works were underway, the cut & fill operation was taking place simultaneously. This involved the excavation of the remaining subsoils from existing bunds, the haulage of the material over a distance of approx. 400m, the placement of the material in specified layers and compaction. This process was repeated to construct and form the permanent bunds to the design model which was uploaded on to the GPS Dozers.

This short-term contract involved 4no 35T excavators, 2no D6 dozers (GPS equipped) and 4no 33T dump trucks.

This package was delivered ahead of programme with all works signed off to the specified design.

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