Health, Safety
and Wellbeing

Start Stay Safe

At Cappagh Group we place the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of our employees firmly at the top of our agenda. The Company Directors are continually driving to improve our safety performance and are always seeking to encourage and support innovation and continual improvements. At Cappagh Group we want all our employees to start safe and stay safe. We are investing heavily in safety support for our front-line operational teams. Our positive behaviours and safety culture are being driven at the very highest level by strong leadership and the principal of leading by example.

We have developed a risk and statutory compliance element to the SHEQ team, which provides assurance to company Directors and our clients that business risks are identified, prioritised and managed and that our statutory obligations are being managed appropriately.

Our operational sites are being visited more frequently than ever before, advisors are embedded into the operational areas and will be encouraged to supply proactive advice as well as reactive investigative service support to operational managers.

We are taking a much greater behavioural approach to our training and investigative processes.

Cappagh has excellent in-house training facilities, including a purpose-built training room at our head offices in Wimbledon. We also operate a mobile training vehicle which is air-conditioned and equipped with audio visual equipment and seating. This is used to deliver health and safety briefings and training on the sites where our employees work. Future training and training facilities are being developed to facilitate more specific safety training which will be delivered in house by in house trainers, providing the business a far more robust delivery tool.

Cappagh Group’s health and safety performance is reviewed monthly at board level. Key performance indicators are measured to ensure we at Cappagh are fully aligned to our business objectives and the suite of health and safety procedures. At an operational level, safety, health and wellbeing is reviewed weekly at performance meetings by the senior managers. Safety conversations are used as a two-way passage for communication, operationally we ensure that safety issues and site welfare requirements are correctly identified and provided for site teams on a project-by-project basis.

Our SHEQ management system is fully integrated and accredited to the ISO 45001 standard. Additionally, we are members of the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and UVDB Verify (Achilles).


At Cappagh we look to meet the needs of the present without compromising the well-being of future generations. We are committed to making a positive impact through outstanding environmental sustainability performance and have been at the forefront of recycling construction and demolition waste for many years. We aim wherever possible to avoid sending even contaminated material to landfill.

We are focused on delivering the right outcomes for customers, clients and the environment. We’re on a journey to becoming a more sustainable business. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made and continue to work hard to deliver the desired results for our customers and the environment.


Our strategic priorities are:

  • Reducing our contribution to climate change and preparing to adapt to its consequences;
  • Helping to creating sustainable communities;
  • Living within environmental limits; and Protecting our natural resources and enhancing our environment.


Quality doesn't just happen. At Cappagh we have worked very hard to build our reputation for quality and continue to work hard to maintain it. We have recognised for a long time that organisations don't achieve quality simply by stating it as a core value; we believe successful organisations go through a thoughtful and meaningful process to identify and improve their quality management system. This belief led us to develop our quality management system in a certain way - such that today it is the totality of Cappagh’s organisational processes, people, internal controls, resources, and objectives focused on producing a given output that meets defined specifications.

Our Quality Management approach is based on the framework provided by ISO 9001:2015 against which it is regularly reviewed both by internal experts and external auditors. Whilst our system is accredited to the latest ISO standard, we have designed it so that it is applicable and relevant to the work that we do and this in turn ensures we successfully improve the quality of our processes and products for the direct benefit of our clients and their customers. In other words, quality isn’t just a meaningless value in Cappagh – it is at the heart of everything we do